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The latest products for Emission and Odour Filtration Solutions :

Bioaction produces a range of "installation-ready" packaged systems as well as custom designed systems to meet any target flow specification

The Bioaction Difference

Latest Filtration Designs and Technologies

Bioaction through its research and development program has evolved oxidising filtration systems like biofiltration, biotrickling, catalytic iron and Hydroxyl filtration technologies. These can now fit into a very small footprint and require very low maintenance. The various filtration technologies when harnessed selectively in a combined process have been found to give the best results and also be very cost effective. Harnessing the natural power of the Hydroxyl radical to treat complex odour issues is now part of the suite of Bioaction technologies.

Effective Carbon Filtration

Virgin and modified activated carbon media is a stable and well-recognised media for odour and emission filtration systems and Bioaction regularly deploys small and large systems to its clients using this media. To be successful in the design of a carbon filter the specification of the impregnated or virgin carbon is critical to get the best efficiency from the system and minimise operational expenses. Bioaction supplies a large variety of carbon specifications to match the targeted gas profile of the odour source.

Advanced Engineering

Bioaction has engineering staff experienced in modern design and construction technology including CAD (Computer Aided Design), CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing), FEM (Finite Element Analysis), CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics). Our products are continually reviewed against the evolving requirements of our clients and are then enhanced and developed to provide the best operational outcomes. Challenges of E.P.A. compliance, space, noise, Cap.Ex., Op.Ex., heat, climate, operational life and maintenance are dealt with daily.

Efficient Logistics & Installation

Bioaction is critically aware of the impact that in-efficient logistics and installation can have on a project and that planning is the key to success. This is why the majority of Bioaction systems are designed to be factory built in modular units that can be easily transported via road, rail or sea. Then once on site the system can be rapidly assembled in modular style arrangements, which minimises assembly time and reduces costs. Because the units are factory tested before shipping and all the settings are configured, the installations are not complex and very efficient.

Filtration Solutions

Our Aim!

Bioaction works closely with its clients in providing the most suitable and cost-effective solution for their particular application. We pride ourselves in providing the highest level of workmanship and customer service. We are recognised for our evolving innovation and commitment to the science of odour abatement.


Our Staff

The team at Bioaction are fully skilled to walk a client through the most suitable design for there specific application.

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